Container Style – Paperboard Containers

A standard paperboard container or composite can comprises a cardboard tube with sidewalls manufactured from a number of plies (layers) and sealed at the ends. Also known as a composite container it is a cost effective, rigid, lightweight, environmentally friendly alternative to folding cartons, metal cans, glass jars, plastic tubes, plastic containers and bag-in-box packaging.

Standard composite containers come with paper, plastic or metal closures, which can be seamed or inserted at the ends.

Spice PushFit containers are both stylish and functional. Comprising a base and lid, these butt-jointed tubes or two-part tubes are an illustration of one of the most effective and robust cardboard tube packaging closure systems on the market. Typically reserved for premium products such as top shelf spirits, gifts and cosmetics, they are also used as a presentation tube for diplomas, degrees, etc.

Standard Container

Paperboard Container

Spice Packaging PushFit Container

PushFit Container